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Quality Dental Lab Services For Over 20 Years

Dipp Dental Lab has been manufacturing dentures and other dental laboratory services for over 20 years. Our reputation for quality and service is respected in the community and is trusted throughout the entire South Florida region.

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Client Testimonials

  • Dr. Yanepsy Cotelo

    I work with Dipp Dental at Pasteur Medical Center. They offer excellent support. They take good care of their work and keep outstanding professional communication.

  • Dr . Marco A. Capasso

    Plenty of labs can say they have good technicians, but not many can say they are family operated, and establish relationships with their clients that make them feel like one of the family. I’ve been working with Dipp Dental for 7 years and that’s exactly what you can expect from them. And like the saying goes ‘you can always count on family to come through'.

  • Everybody has been very helpful

    My practice is new to Dipp Dental, and transferring over all my cases was so easy. So far, so good!

  • Quick and easy service

    Having my patients' dentures made has never been easier, or faster.