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Full Dentures
Metal Partials
Acrylic Partials + Wrought Clasps
Flexible (Valplast, TCS) Partials + Myerson Duraflex
Flexible clasps with metal framework
Flipper (including clasps)
Temporary Bridges
$40 (Basic)
Repairs - Metal Reinforcement with model
Repairs - Metal Solder
Repairs - Thermoplastic Repair (Valplast, TCS) + Myerson Duraflex
Soft Reline with molloplast
Custom Trays
Bleaching Trays
Essix Retainers
Night Guards: Soft, Semi-Soft, Hard Acrylic
Transparent Palate
Re-set color change upper or lower
Metal Framework including bite block
Immediate Model Prep
Metal Framework including bite block
Crowns and Bridges
*Better grade metal framework (vitallium) and teeth (vita classic, bioform, bioblend, gold, silver, special design) available upon request, as well as the option between light or dark acrylics to fit the natural anatomy of the patient.
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*Rush Service Available for Add'l Fee
50% of Denture Value
*All dentures and partials include Z-Dent Teeth