Metal Partials

There are three main types of dentures: bridges, partials and dentures. These can either be “full” or “partial.” A full set means the replacement of all the teeth in either maxillary or mandibular . A partial is used when some, but not all of the teeth need to be replaced. Unlike a bridge, which is fixed in place and can only be removed by a dentist, partials can be easily removed by the wearer for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Though many may not realize it, metal partials are the most commonly worn type of partial. These partials are described as such since the internal structure that makes up the bulk of the mouthpiece is made of cast metal, often a chrome-cobalt mixture, and affixed to the metal base are the familiar faux gums and teeth.

Metal is used most often for good reason: it is durable, resilient, and if cared for properly, will last the wearer quite some time. A metal partial is known for it’s strength, the quality of the bite it provides, as well as how well they maintain their fit over time. This is incredibly important since a partial needs to be comfortable enough to wear all day and everyday, otherwise it fails to serve its function.

A partial is often affixed via clasps on existing teeth. This allows the partial to be firmly, but easily snapped into and out of place. Metal partials are frequently chosen due to the high costs associated with the alternative: bridges. They are also often the proverbial tool of choice if the wearer has too few of his or her remaining teeth for the partial to be adequately affixed to.

Partials are custom-made dental devices that are tailored to each individual mouth. Patients first come in for what is called an impression, which is a molded cast of their teeth. This allows for the creation of a partial that fits just right for the wearer.

In the end, metal partials offer a sturdy, durable, affordable, and comfortable alternative to a bridge. Often the solution of choice if there are too few teeth for a bridge to attach to, or the budget is too small to accommodate the costs. These are long-lasting solutions that can be added to over time and are easy to care for and maintain.

Economy Metal Partials

  • Processed using Nobilium® Heat Cure acrylic with Argeloy framework and economy teeth.

Deluxe Metal Partials

  • Processed using Nobilium® Hi-Impact acrylic using Vitallium 2000 Frames

Vitallium® 2000 Plus chrome cobalt alloy is the premium choice for partial denture metal frameworks.

  • The highest yield strength and tensile strength of the Vitallium alloys
  • Increased flexibility without deformation or fracture, making it excellent for predictable chair side adjustments
  • High surface luster
  • Nickel and Beryllium free
  • Smaller, lighter framework