Acrylic partials

Acrylic Partials

These are made with an acrylic base, and the wrought wires can be adjusted or repaired as needed. The wires are rounded. This shape gives the wires instant retentive properties. These are the most economical option dentists can give their patients. They also allow new tooth prosthetics to be added immediately. Partials with wrought iron clasps are an old form of dentistry that still is very effective. Metal clasps do not impact the oral tissue, and when the gums resorb these claps do not sink into the gum. Patients with TMJ, and patients who are bruxers, commonly do better with these prosthetics. Processed with Nobilium® Heat Cure or High-Impact if requested with economy teeth.

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Flexible Partials

Flexible Partials are thin, flexible, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. Doctors and patients enjoy the unparalleled simplicity, comfort and aesthetics afforded by TCS® Unbreakable flexible partials.

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Flexible partial denture

Metal Partials

There are three main types of dentures: bridges, partials and dentures. These can either be “full” or “partial.” A full set means the replacement of all the teeth in either maxillary or mandibular . A partial is used when some, but not all of the teeth need to be replaced. Unlike a bridge, which is fixed in place and can only be removed by a dentist, partials can be easily removed by the wearer for regular cleaning and maintenance.

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Flippers can be made with most available dental acrylic products. The available adjoining clasps are wire, Ackers and Ball clasps, as well as, half round and T clasps. Flippers are ideal for immediate replacement just after extractions so your patients can have an aesthetic solution in a short amount of time.

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Flipper image